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Religion - Jainism

Religion at a glance: Jainism

  • In 2011 there were 1,042 people in New South Wales who had a religion of Jainism.
  • There was a 117.5% increase in the number of people who had a religion of Jainism since 2006 (from 479).
  • 37.1% of the population who had a religion of Jainism arrived between 2006 and August 2011.
  • There were more men who had a religion of Jainism (546) than women (495).
  • 22.5% of the population who had a religion of Jainism were children (under 19 years of age), 62.3% were young adults (aged 20 to 44 years), and 15.2% were older adults (aged 45 years and over).

About religion: Jainism

Sudan-born migrants to Australia before 2001 included mostly skilled migrants.

Since 2001, the large increase in the Sudan-born population in Australia has principally occurred through the Humanitarian Programme, with more than 98 per cent of Sudan born arrivals entering Australia as part of this programme. This was a direct consequence of the serious ethnic conflicts between Sunni Muslim people of the northern and central region, and the southern tribes who are mainly either Christian or practice animist or polytheistic religions. Other factors such as drought and famine also contributed to large numbers of Sudan-born refugees fleeing to neighbouring countries, many of whom were resettled in Australia.

In the 2003-2004 migration intake, Sudan became the Humanitarian Programme’s top source country. In addition to settlers born in Sudan, a significant number of settlers born in Egypt or Kenya are ethnically Sudanese, the majority of them being children born of Sudanese parents in refugee camps in surrounding countries. These settlers can be further broken down into Refugee and Special Humanitarian Programme components.

Sudanese settlement has been primarily in the western suburbs of Sydney, particularly in Blacktown and Fairfield.

Excerpts from Jupp, J. (Ed.) the Australian People. (2001) Cambridge University Press

Religion - Top 10 NSW LGAs ranked by size
Religion - Jainism20112006Change
AreaNumberJainism %NumberJainism %2006 to 2011
Parramatta City2390.1790.1+160
Holroyd City1360.1200.0+116
Strathfield Council310.1130.0+18
Ashfield Council 360.1320.1+4
Burwood Council280.1190.1+9
Willoughby City390.1160.0+23
Blacktown City1300.0570.0+73
Sydney City730.0460.0+27
Hornsby Shire520.0350.0+17
The Hills Shire550.0520.0+3
Greater Sydney1,0030.04850.0+518
Regional NSW380.0130.0+25
New South Wales1,0420.04790.0+563

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of Population and Housing 2006 and 2011. Compiled and presented by .id , the population experts.