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Religion - Ratana (Maori)

Religion at a glance: Ratana (Maori)

  • In 2011 there were 1,113 people in New South Wales who had a religion of Ratana (Maori).
  • There was a -3.0% decrease in the number of people who had a religion of Ratana (Maori) since 2006 (from 1,147).
  • 21.0% of the population who had a religion of Ratana (Maori) arrived between 2006 and August 2011.
  • There were fewer men who had a religion of Ratana (Maori) (536) than women (577).
  • 28.9% of the population who had a religion of Ratana (Maori) were children (under 19 years of age), 38.5% were young adults (aged 20 to 44 years), and 32.6% were older adults (aged 45 years and over).

About religion: Ratana (Maori)

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The first settlement wave occurred after World War II, from 1948 to 1955, when most Serbians came from resettlement camps in Germany, Austria, and Italy as government-assisted settlers.

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Source: Excerpts from Jupp, J. (Ed.) the Australian People. (2001) Cambridge University Press.

Religion - Top 10 NSW LGAs ranked by size
Religion - Ratana (Maori)20112006Change
AreaNumberRatana (Maori) %NumberRatana (Maori) %2006 to 2011
Holroyd City670.1780.1-11
Hurstville City390.0650.1-26
Campbelltown City700.0660.0+4
Blacktown City1420.01310.0+11
Rockdale City450.0650.1-20
Wyong Shire460.0350.0+11
Sutherland Shire630.0790.0-16
Penrith City520.0610.0-9
Bankstown City510.0550.0-4
Parramatta City450.0550.0-10
Greater Sydney9170.01,0200.0-103
Regional NSW1940.01240.0+70
New South Wales1,1130.01,1470.0-34

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of Population and Housing 2006 and 2011. Compiled and presented by .id , the population experts.