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Multicultural NSW
Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Who designed this portal and what is it about?

A: Multicultural NSW and .id created the Community Profiles Portal to meet the growing need for accurate cultural diversity information. The online community profiles portal is a facility providing demographic information on ancestry, birthplace, language and religion of 200 NSW communities. A snapshot of the settlement history of the largest 30 communities in NSW is also available. This will be extended to the top 35 communities.

Q: How can this information help me?

A: If you are a service provider, community worker, researcher, student, policy maker or an individual interested in data on cultural diversity in NSW then this tool can assist you. You can download statistics using interactive maps and graphs and generate reports to plan, analyse and research information on NSW’s culturally diverse communities.

Q: Do I have to pay to access this portal?

A: This information is provided to the community as a free resource by Multicultural NSW.

Q: How accurate and current is the information on this portal?

A: Multicultural NSW and .id have taken every care to ensure the information provided is accurate and up to date. The information on the portal is sourced from ABS Censuses, other ABS publications and other sources.

Q: I think certain information on the portal is not correct.

A: If you believe that certain information on the portal is incorrect, please contact us immediately at

Q: I would like to comment on the quality and content of the portal.

A: Multicultural NSW welcomes and appreciates your feedback. Please send it to

Q: Who do I contact for help?

A: The portal has been consciously designed for use by the whole community. To help users get the most from the data and statistics, a training video has been developed to show the many features of the portal and to increase your understanding of what it can do. The video can be accessed by clicking here. If you need more help using the portal, please contact us at

Q: Can I change information on the portal?

A: Only Multicultural NSW can edit information on the portal. Please contact Multicultural NSW with any concerns at