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Ancestry - Afghan

Ancestry at a glance: Afghan

  • In 2011 there were 9,906 people in New South Wales with Afghan ancestry.
  • There was a 17.2% increase in the number of people with Afghan ancestry since 2006 (from 8,450).
  • 15.8% of the population with Afghan ancestry arrived between 2006 and August 2011.
  • There were more men with Afghan ancestry (5,077) than women (4,831).
  • 35.9% of the population with Afghan ancestry were children (under 19 years of age), 42.6% were young adults (aged 20 to 44 years), and 21.3% were older adults (aged 45 years and over).

About ancestry: Afghan

There have been three main waves of Afghani intake to Australia, the first being in 1859 when Afghans arrived to participate in the ill-fated Burke and Wills expedition. The second significant wave occurred in the early 1980s as a result of the civil war in Afghanistan and included educated professionals settling in Sydney and Melbourne. The mid 1990s saw the third wave of Afghani immigration as Afghans fled from the Taliban regime.

Afghans became one of the first non-English speaking communities to settle in Broken Hill in New South Wales (NSW). The first mosque in NSW was built in 1891 at Broken Hill by Afghan camel drivers

Source: Excerpts from Jupp, J. (Ed.) the Australian People. (2001) Cambridge University Press

Ancestry - Top 10 NSW LGAs ranked by size
Ancestry - Afghan20112006Change
AreaNumberAfghan %NumberAfghan %2006 to 2011
Auburn City1,2471.691,5462.38-299
Holroyd City1,5591.571,3141.46+245
Parramatta City1,3870.831,3820.93+5
Blacktown City2,2210.741,4660.54+755
The Hills Shire5890.354040.25+185
Ryde City3140.303290.34-15
Griffith City660.271660.70-100
Hornsby Shire3210.202870.19+34
Liverpool City3330.181720.10+161
Campbelltown City2520.172140.15+38
Greater Sydney9,5710.228,0790.20+1,492
Regional NSW2740.013020.01-28
New South Wales9,9060.148,4500.13+1,456

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of Population and Housing 2006 and 2011. Compiled and presented by .id , the population experts.